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The sangam of 2 mountain rivers known as ‘Ambala Pole’ is only 50 meters away from the bungalow. The river bank constitutes a vital past in the mythical history of Coorg.

It is believed that the ‘Raingod’ Lord Igguthappa who brought the Harvest festival from Kerala along with his brothers and sister had lunch on this river bank, who are still integral part of Coorg Culture and even today worshipped by all coorgs.
Another nearest hill is Lord Igguthappa’s Malma Hill which stands tall at 1590 meters above Mean Sea Level (MSL).

Just 3 Kms away from the bungalow at a visible distance lies the mountain giant of coorg Thadiyandamol,’ beckoning adventure lovers to its imposing 1750 meter height.

If you are an avid nature lover or ardent Eco-Tourist and love to trek the isolated places, you have ample space to trek and camp ranging from just one day to a 7 day long tent camping according to your tastes and preferences. Not to mention the bonus treats like sighting a Barking Deer in the deep woods.

Soft Trekking: We have a variety of activities for Senior citizens and children which include estate walks.
You can take the help of your hosts who have landmarked more than 23 trekking destinations most of which are less traveled and isolated. Depending on your choice and taste of trekking your hosts will guide you for study of tribes, bird watching or simply lazing & relaxing – a great stress buster after your hectic city life.